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For writers who need a free and effective way to organize projects.
yWriter was reviewed by Anca Hutu

yWriter is a word processor with special features that makes it easy to write a novel or screenplay, and is designed for writers. yWriter allows you to organize your writing into chapters and have all of these items in order, described, and accessible for consultation.

yWriter lets you easily add chapters, scenes, characters, objects, and places. Displays the number of words for each project sheet, as well as the total number.

Writing a book is very complex, due to the large amount of elements involved: characters, scenarios, locations, objects. The application includes many very practical tools, such as editing a storyboard, an overview of the project, which shows how often the words are used, etc., and moreover, it also offers a project assistant that is quite useful for beginner users.

The yWriter interface is a simple one, especially compared to other text editing programs, but nevertheless, its features fit quite well with other similar writing tools.

yWriter allows you to create separate folders for your projects and you can divide each project into separate chapters. You can also store notes about characters, locations, items, and scenes. In addition, the application can keep a record of the number of words you have written in the whole project, it can make a graphic classification of the scenes or the possibility to make backup copies.

In conclusion, yWriter is therefore a project management application for writers, for each scene, you can specify the main characters, in short, the smallest details of your work.

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+ yWriter has been in our software catalog since Jun 11.2018.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Sep 24.2020.
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I downloaded yWriter and am finding it to be a great help. I always lose track of my projects whenever they get above a couple of thousand words but this is brilliant. Everything is easily accessible and I can follow the different threads with no problem at all. I havent lost track of the viewpoint and tense once which is amazing for me. I have pretty much doubled my daily word count because I dont have to spend time working out what the hell is going on and what Ive already written! Thanks for making this freeware.
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After 20 years in the IT business Ive gained a deep appreciation for programs that set out to do a specific job, then do it better than anything else. yWriter fits in that category.
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