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Monitor data packets and receive traffic information over the LAN, generate working statistics, with this advanced network protocol analyzer.
Wireshark was reviewed by Iulian Dinita

Wireshark is a free application that allows you to analyze and receive information about network traffic, being able to verify the amount of data that is sent and received by each of the devices connected to the internet or local network and is compatible with almost any network protocol.

In the process of installing the Wireshark application on your computer, you can choose the plugins and extensions you want to install, as these applications can provide you with a wide range of additional information about your network traffic and can be activated or enabled. disabled, but it is advisable to install them next to Wireshark.

Wireshark can capture real-time data and provide us with IP and DNS address information and other very useful information (TCP, ICMP, IPX and UDP), and is compatible with BOOTP, DHCPv6, SCTP, SSL, ZRTP, FIP, GPRS LLC, OPCUA and Kerberos standards, is free and is one of the best network analyzers. This information can be exported in XML, PostScript, txt and CVS file formats and can then be analyzed later in offline mode.

Wireshark also allows you to choose the network card for capturing traffic and you can customize by color scheme each type of code packet to ensure proper monitoring.

Wireshark has a modern interface and we can say that the application can be used by any user who wants to control network traffic, but to be used to the full potential, it requires network experts.

In conclusion, we recommend Wireshark for all users who are looking for an advanced, free and very good network analysis application.

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+ Wireshark has been in our software catalog since Jul 21.2017.
+ The current version is 3.4.2 updated to Dec 23.2020.
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Works very well.
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It is a tool that every network administrator should have at hand. It is also a good starter application for users who want to study networks and to better understand which packages cross certain parts of a network.
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Great Packet Sniffer! This is a great program if you have a need to capture data for analysis. The program performs very well and is essentially transparent.
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An excellent tool for both monitoring your network and for educational purposes to see what different types of network traffic looks like. Also a great tool if you think you have some kind of backdoor trojan on your computer, you can see any weird traffic and even see where you send / receive data from the backdoor.
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