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Sep 27.2020Version: 2020.2.6.0
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Thanks to this free and useful software, you can remotely access any computer.
Wayk Now was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

Wayk Now is software that allows you to take control of a computer remotely or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. This will allow you to support your users and access any computer remotely.

If you want to take control of a computer, Wayk Now must be implemented on both machines, and each computer's id is actually its IP address and password is automatically generated to allow remote access.

To protect the connections between the two PCs, securing connections is done through strong TLS 1.2 encryption and certificate verification.

Also, in the 'Options' section, you can configure several features, such as password policy, access levels, video streaming quality, startup preferences, and more.

The software comes in two editions:
- Freeware can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
- Enterprise paid version that offers a complex set of features, including unsupervised access, simultaneous remote sessions.

Wayk Now is 'multi-platform', which means that a Windows PC can control a Mac or a computer running Linux can control a Windows computer.

In conclusion, Wayk Now is a useful remote access solution for desktop computers, for both IT professionals and novice users.

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* Remote Access Control : Manage and define access to certain resources shared by the server when someone connects.
* File Transfer & Clipboard Sharing : Seamlessly send and receive files as well as copied clipboard data between all your devices.
* Built-In Chat : Improve communication between you and the end user with a convenient built-in chat window.
* Cross-Platform : Provide support to devices using your favorite operating systems. We support Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, all with the same rich feature set.
* Lightweight : Easily install our small downloadable package usable without installation or elevated persmissions.
* Secure Access : Communicate between devices using strong TLS 1.2 encryption and certificate validation.
* Remote Execution : Execute multiple types of commands and scripts on a remote computer such as batch script, PowerShell and many more.
* Concurrent Sessions : Easily manage multiple remote connections simultaneously while quickly navigating between them.
* Unattended Access : Remotely access other devices running Wayk Now without the end user having to be present.
More information
+ Wayk Now has been in our software catalog since Apr 11.2018.
+ The current version is 2020.2.6.0 and has been updated to Sep 27.2020.
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Devolutions makes great product, and this one is another example ! They have been dealing with remote control software since the beginning, they know how it works, and pros/cons.
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Ready in seconds and works perfectly for Remote Connection / Remote Support. User friendly and a clear user interface! Use it from begin and can recommend it for everyone!
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