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Oct 05.2020Version:
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A powerful and free software with which you can create, edit and export videos and offers a diverse collection of editing tools and video recording features.
VSDC Free Video Editor was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the most complete video editing software available for free.

If you haven't used a complex video editor so far, don't worry, as VSDC developers have taken this into consideration and offer you a tutorial on how to understand the software. From how to open the software you will be offered a step-by-step online tutorial, so that you learn how to open a new project, start editing or exporting a project and many other facilities.

At first glance, when opening the user interface you may be overwhelmed by all the available options, but if you look deeper into the interface you will see that many basic functions are quite intuitive and easy to understand.

The software interface is structured on working windows:
+ On the left side, there is a tree system, which lists all the elements of the project, as well as the effects and filters associated with them, and it is an opportunity to be able to select a specific file faster.
+ In the center, an overview of the project you are editing.
+ At the bottom, a multitrack timeline, organized into tabs, allows you to work on one or more sets of tracks and you can change the input times for each snippet and the effects to be applied, as well as performing audio synchronization, image and special effect or any other module you like to insert into the video clip.
+ On the right, a property window that gives access to the parameters specific to the selected file.

In conclusion, VSDC Free Video Editor is a free non-linear video editing software and allows you to edit your own movies and import captured video streams from a screen or external webcam device.

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More information
+ VSDC Free Video Editor has been in our software catalog since Apr 20.2017.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Oct 05.2020.
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Free video editor with a pretty good array of tools. Thank you for releasing a new version with a few amazing tricks.
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~Easy to use and very useful. If you want to montage your vids, but you dont know what video editor to use, I would recommend VSDC for you.
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Thank you for developing VSDC!
Thank you very much for the free version! I am already telling all my friends and family about this awesome free software! As soon as I have the hang of the basics I will be purchasing the pro version for more opinions and effects
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This the only Video Editor you will ever need.
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Good Video Joiner
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