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Browse the Internet with this fast, complete and secure utility.
UC Browser was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu

Among the already established browser offerings, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, UC Browser also makes room.

Born in China, known as UCWeb, he has managed to win over a lot of users by taking a huge leap on mobile devices.

UC Browser now has a variant for the Windows desktop. UC Browser always manages to provide the data transfer, which the user wants, from the nearest servers, thus making the web page upload process much faster.

In addition, it is well optimized for slower internet speeds, even if you have a fast computer, the UC Browser browser is a great choice because it allows you to browse the internet quickly.

In conclusion, if you have problems with current desktop browsers, they load slowly, then the solution we propose for an internet performance is UC Browser.

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+ Web browsing optimized for all resolutions.
+ Advanced compression technology to reduce data consumption by up to 85%.
+ Support for different search engines.
+ Options to customize the interface.
+ Built-in download Manager.
+ Technology preload.
+ High-speed downloads that can be interrupted and resumed.
+ Browse without invasive ads due to the blocking ad.
+ Includes a smart file manager.
+ Sync open tabs and bookmarks between devices.
+ Possibility to block pop-up windows.
+ Customizable bookmarks, themes and add-ons that are customizable to all users.
+ Different ways to view content.
+ Night mode navigation.
+ Low data consumption and higher upload speed
+ One of the benefits of this development compared to other web browsers, such as Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge, is that it offers lower data consumption due to the different technologies it implements.
More information
+ UC Browser has been in our software catalog since Sep 27.2016.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Sep 27.2016.
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