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The application allows you to search the most popular music websites and listen to underground news, so you can create your own playlist.
Trackhunter was reviewed by Anca Hutu

Trackhunter, as the name suggests, is a free app with which electronic underground music fans can search and listen to all new music, so you can create your own playlist style.

When opening the application runs a configuration interface, this should not scare you, the settings are made in steps and you must carefully follow from the beginning to the end. You can search by the types of music you are interested in, selecting first the sources on the Internet and having the possibility to choose the quality of MP3 and AIFF WAV recordings.

At the same time, the Trackhunter application also has a feature for organizing and sorting files by artist, title, genre, release date and others and it is possible to edit the data for these articles.

In the listening mode, the app has a good feature, that is, the songs you have already listened to are marked in gray so that you will not go through them when you have discovered something new.

In conclusion, Trackhunter is a useful and easy-to-use application that looks for the newest electronic underground music sources, so you can improve your music collection with wonderful new songs.

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1. Configurable Fast Listen auto track skipping mode lets you quickly listen through hours of tracks in minutes while you do something else.
2. Remembers what youve already heard and filters it out so you dont waste time listening to the same track twice.
3. Convert WAVs to AIFF and auto tag them (including cover art) to save time when buying lossless WAV tracks where-ever theyre from.
4. Shows you which store is selling it the cheapest so you save money on every track you buy using the Integrated Shopping Cart.
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+ Trackhunter has been in our software catalog since Aug 05.2019.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Jul 30.2020.
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