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System Mechanicis designed to optimize and maintain your computers performance.
System Mechanic Free was reviewed by Anca Hutu

Developed by iolo technologies, System Mechanicis designed to optimize and maintain your computers performance.

The best feature of System Mechanic is its ease of use. The interface is easy to navigate, the help section is easy to find and makes it easy for even novice computer users to interact with the software effectively. You can not expect this product to turn a slow computer into a fast one, it is just an excellent maintenance tool for Windows machines.

You can back up and restore your system, recover accidentally deleted files, repair shortcuts and the registry, defragment hard drives, optimize a solid-state drive and optimize your PCs security.

The System Mechanic license comes with unlimited installations, which means you can install the software on as many computers as you own.

* Faster processor
Unparks 100% of processor cores and revs them to maximum clock speed when you begin a system-taxing gaming, programming, graphic design or multimedia task.

* Unleashes Internet speed
Greatly improves a whole cache of under-performing Windows Internet settings hidden to most users, for the very smoothest streaming, gaming or browsing available through your network.

* Increases drive speed
Stores data to hard disk in contiguous batches, over time preventing hundreds of thousands of file fragments and making the read/write process much faster.
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+ System Mechanic Free has been in our software catalog since Mar 13.2019.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Dec 09.2019.
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System Mechanic has become my tech of choice to keep this novices computer running smoothly. I really appreciate the program and the service when needed.
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I bought the original System Mechanic and thought it could never be improved upon, but you seem to have outdone your earlier work and made a truly remarkable upgrade.
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If your PC isnt blazing along at the same pace it did when you first pressed the power button a few weeks, months, or years ago, you should invest in iolo System Mechanic.
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