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Aug 02.2021Version: 6.6
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It will present a simple software to design your future home or to rethink your interior decor.

Sweet Home 3D was reviewed by Anca Hutu
Sweet Home 3D is a free architecture software that allows you to design a house, an apartment or simply improve your interior design. It will help you realize your dream home by showing you a virtual image of your home.

Sweet Home 3D makes it possible to design the plans of a house with very realistic details. It gives you the opportunity to design the walls according to your needs. The detailed plan is not a simple drawing, it is represented by 3D images that will better reflect the reality of doors and windows.

You can also add text, dimensions and the area of the parts on the plan. The decor of the house can be designed using the database in which Sweet Home 3D offers you a variety of virtual furniture, such as sofas, chairs, cabinets, tables, etc. The user can finally customize the lights and the sun effect to make the processing even more realistic.

In addition to being efficient, 3D renderings are of outstanding quality. This software is essential for the interior and exterior design of a house, apartment or building.

With Sweet Home 3D, you can generate images and videos of the created interiors and you can export the plans in PDF format and, of course, print them.
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for a free application it works really great. you can import furniture from anywhere; make your own, etc. and you can export the whole thing as obj, the plan as svg, its great. The user experience inside on the other hand could be better, its not so easy to hit the exact spots on the grid and moving the 2d view is missing the drag with middle mouse feature. But those are just small things, I would really recommend this to all my friends if they want to build/design houses.
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Superior home modeling tool I use in my vlogging activities.
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The best for free.
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Great program. Our family used it when bought new house in Brazil.
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Used this EASY application for creating room layout and general floor plan. Other than having to use Internet Explorer (and remember to use that) it was VERY easy. Sample uploaded in my project.
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Sweet Home 3d is awesome!

I have been using it to plan my new house and the land plot. I get the results in 3d immediately which annoys the professionals, a lot! ) I still have to hire them but I can avoid costly mistakes and / or try some ideas first in 3d, including my own ideas. Sometimes I have to import models from SketchUp but it is no big deal.

Thank you very much!
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