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Listen, organize by genres and save the searched songs from a large number of online radio stations.
streamWriter was reviewed by Iulian Dinita

With the launch of the Internet many radio stations have started broadcasting online, nowadays with a minimum of hardware and software each one of us can broadcast online and so have appeared many online radio stations dedicated to many genres of music.

The application that we describe today, StreamWriter, not only scans and offers an easy way to select the type of radio you are interested in, but also has an advanced recording feature of the songs and you can save them on HDD.

The application does not require advanced installation knowledge, we considered that the installed application is more stable and efficient because during the tests in Windows 10, the portable application was blocked and we could not continue the tests. When installing you have a few steps, choose the navigation language, set the path where you want to install and at the same time, choose the path where you want to save the music files after recording.

streamWriter has an easy interface with a common window for windows users, the first Streams window we have two sections on the right you can choose the search by genre of music, they are displayed very quickly, then you can move them for listening and recording in the left window of window. At the same time, in the Title Search tab, you have an interesting feature / you can view, search and select all the songs that are broadcast on the radio stations, and for a better organization, the searches can be grouped into categories, but we leave you to discover more interesting features in this application.

Moreover, we can list a major advantage of this application, namely that it has the possibility to record from several stations at the same time, and the audio files are saved in the location defined by the user.

In conclusion, streamWriter is a very efficient application which offers an incredible number of radio stations from which you can search and organize according to the types of music you want.

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* Record as many streams as you want at the same time (MP3/AAC)
* Automatically record a wishlist's song when it's playing on a stream
* Player for streams and recorded files
* Track splitting with silence detection
* Function for manual cutting of saved titles
* Tracks are named by a given pattern
* Short songs (ads) can be skipped
* Writing of tags to recorded files
* Script-based postprocessing
* Applying of effects to recorded songs (SoX)
* Integration of different audio encoders
* Scheduled recordings
* Stream browser
More information
+ streamWriter has been in our software catalog since Jan 04.2017.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Aug 13.2020.
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The BEST internet radio ripper. Nothing is better
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Really helpful and pretty easy to use.
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