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Apr 07.2020Version: 1.0.0
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ScanFS is a file locator and disk cataloging utility that enables you to quickly find files that match your criteria. The program offers a real-time search (default) as well as an option to create a disk catalog that stores all file information in a database for offline searching.

The database search option pulls the results from a disk catalog instead of scanning your hard drive, which enables you to search removable media, even if the media is not currently connected (e.g. files stored on USB drives, Cds, DVDs etc.).
More information about ScanFS
- ScanFS has been in our software catalog since Aug 03.2017 and has reached 72 downloads.
- The current version is 1.0.0 and has been updated to Apr 07.2020.
ScanFS features

+ Search in single directories or directory groups
+ Search and replace in multiple files
+ Supports simple or regular expressions for filenames and file contents
+ Live preview of file contents, without the need to rescan the file system
+ Live preview of images
+ Search using multiple file patterns
+ Save/Load search criteria
+ Full unicode support (filenames, file contents, search results, search and replace)
+ Copy/Move/Delete/Rename files and/or directories
+ Drag-drop support, e.g. drop files in explorer windows
+ Can be used as a visual replacement for the command-line grep command

#file locator#disk catalog#searcher#locator#catalog#finder
Code install
Usage: ScanFs.exe [Parameters]

filename mask (supports multiple expressions separated by. you can also use exclusions e.g. *.txt;-term1)
/file=< fn >

regex'ed filename mask
/file_regex=< fn >

path mask (supports multiple expressions separated can also use exclusions e.g. c: emp;-term1 )
/path=< path >

search in subdirectories (DEFAULT)

do not search in subdirectories

file date is after (date format: yyyy-mm-dd)
/da=< yyyy-mm-dd >

file date is before (date format: yyyy-mm-dd)
/db=< yyyy-mm-dd >

date type, dt=m (modification date) dt=c (creation date)
/dt=< c|m >

minimum file size (K/M/G modifiers supported)
/min_size=< size >

maximum file size (K/M/G modifiers supported. size can contain one of the K/M/G modifiers, e.g. /size_min=10M means size must be at least 10MB)
/max_size=< size >

find files containing the specified text
/contents=< term >

regex ed file contents search term
/contents_regex=< term >

write results to file (if you also search file contents a 2nd file with content results will also be created)
/output=< fn >

automatically start a search (useful if a .scanfs file was used to load the search parameters)

exit when search is done

for regular expressions
1. instead of /file use /file_regex
2. instead of /contents use /contents_regex


1. scanfs.exe path=c: emp file=*.avi size_min=10m size_max=12m

2. scanfs.exe
/file=*.txt /path=c:emp /s
/da=2007-1-1 /db=2008-1-1 /dt=c /size_min=20m /size_max=30m /contents=123
/output=c:results.txt /exit

3. scanfs.exe c:params.scanfs / search
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Completely Scans a Large Drive for files in Seconds. Fantastic!
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works extremely well. good little program to have at your finger tips
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