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Project Viewer Lite

Jul 16.2019 / office / organizers
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Project Viewer Lite is a software application designed to help you develop, plan, and execute large-scale projects.
With Project Viewer Lite, you can carefully organize complex projects into small, easy-to-understand tasks, and follow step-by-step execution throughout the project lifecycle.

Once organized, it can be modified and during the evaluations, it is possible to follow the progress achieved, while retaining full control by the Project Manager. The application maintains its traditional Windows user interface, and provides direct and unobstructed access to all commands available on the front panel.

A notable feature is the function for projects that involve resource tracking if you have a strict budget, you must show the resources according to their structure. The weak part of the application is that it only works with a few file extensions, namely MPP, XML and CSV files.

If you are required to manage projects with multiple tasks, the few tools are as clear and can facilitate status monitoring as Gantt diagrams.

In conclusion, Project Viewer Lite resembles MS Project, but in the case of managing projects with multiple tasks, it is by far the best application and can monitor the status of the project through Gantt diagrams.
* Gantt charts for Planning, Tracking and Critical path display
* Comprehensive set of tables containing relevant and purpose specific data sets
* Powerful project navigational facilities
* Inherent WBS Views
* Progress lines over all Gantt charts
* Task and resource detailed views
* Create and use common visual configurations that are standard in your company or in your partners organization.
* Edit various gantt bar types to suit your needs using the comprehensive Gantt bar editor.
* Display task paths, critical and late tasks as in MS Project
* Utilize GoogleDrive, OneDrive and others through their standard apps
* Dynamic switching between languages without need to restart or change the installation options of the program
* Simple project portfolio functionality
* Opens MS Project .mpp and .xml files
* Access directly the Windows default EMail client with item specific data
* Runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
* RBS view for hierarchical display of resources according to their outline structure (not yet supported in MS Project)
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Devlog Project Viewer Lite
Updated Cumulative update.

Updated UI improvements.

Updated Modified definition of driving predecessors.

Updated Other issues resolved.
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I was able to install and open an MS Project 2007 and 2003 file within less than a minute. Nice features to see schedule, resources, and Gantt charts!
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This is a great tool!
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Project Viewer Lite by Taktone