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PhotoSync is a fast file transfer application, image and video application to and from iPod, iPhone and iPad.
PhotoSync was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu

PhotoSync has been designed to ease the users work when it comes to transferring files to and from Apple devices, for example, go into the file browser, select the files, and drag and drop them directly into Apples folders.

You can also customize multiple customizations, and you can make PhotoSync run automatically at system startup and more.

As a result, the app is a good choice for information transfer, uses a small part of hardware, responds well and does not get stuck, quickly transfers images and videos between Apple devices (iPad, iPod and iPhone).

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* Quick Transfer : Transfer new photos and videos to a predefined target by pressing and holding the Sync button. No additional interactions required!

* Smart : PhotoSync remembers which photos and videos have already been transferred and lets you transfer new photos & videos with one single touch!

* RAW photos : View, transfer and import RAW photos without any limitations, PhotoSync never tampers with your photo and video files.

* Share Sheet : Send and share photos and videos directly from any application via PhotoSync.
Integrated viewer

* Integrated viewer : View photos & videos directly in PhotoSync, as well as print and open photos and videos in other apps directly from the viewer.

* Storage options : Specify target destination folder or album, create sub-directories, configure file names and privacy levels.

* Transfer options : Configure picture and video transfer quality options separately for Wi-Fi and Cellular transfers.

* Delete after transfer : Delete photos and videos after transfer to free space on your device (optional)

Choice of themes : Change the theme to completely alter the look and feel of the interface. A dark theme and light theme are available.

* HEIC and HEVC : Automatically convert, HEIC - JPEG and HEVC - H264, (optional). (iOS only)

* Live Photos : Full support for Live Photos and burst mode series photos (iOS only)
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+ PhotoSync has been in our software catalog since Jun 01.2019.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Jul 06.2020.
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