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Like LibreOffice, remains a secure solution for those looking for a free, cross-platform office suite.

OpenOffice was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
OpenOffice ambition is to provide ergonomics and functionality for most users, whether they are individuals, companies or public organizations.

Completely free, OpenOffice is a complete office suite that combines word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool. Originally published by Sun and then by Oracle, the suite is now being developed by the Apache Foundation.

The project consists of the development of a cross-platform office suite available for Windows, macOS and Linux. OpenOffice can associate open file formats with file formats designed under the Microsoft Office suite.

Like LibreOffice, OpenOffice is considered a strong free and credible competitor to Microsoft Office and offers a set of 6 tools:
* Writer - a full word processor for designing text documents, letters or resumes;
* Calc - a complete spreadsheet for calculating, analyzing and presenting spreadsheets, graphs and data classification;
* Draw - a tool dedicated to creating diagrams or communication media;
* Database - a software for managing databases, creating and modifying tables, forms and queries;
* Impress - the tool for creating slide shows and interactive and multimedia presentations;
* Math - a software to create complex mathematical equations.

OpenOffice has a clean interface and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office and has a spelling checker, except that it is not enabled by default because a dictionary must be installed. With OpenOffice Draw you can create vector drawings to integrate into documents or presentations. At the same time, OpenOffice offers a database management system called Base. This is a serious alternative to Microsoft Access. It should also be noted that the program also supports OpenXML documents. Which makes it even more practical.

It should be noted that OpenOffice offers a wide range of themes, document templates and extensions to customize the interface and extend its functionality.

In conclusion, OpenOffice is a professional quality office suite, which includes all the tools that users need: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database.
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Ideal for students
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Would be great product if it cost - free - no brainer! Highly recommended as a general purpose home /school / office application - rarely would the average user need anything more. Great value and worthy of support.
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SImple and easy, the Best! Been using Open Office for about 10 years.I got my new desktop pc 6 Months ago, got rid of microsoft office, replaced it with Open office.I have done this over the years on all my laptops and pcs. Its so easy to use, I love it.
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Great free word processing. Ive been using the program for years now, ever since I switched to a Mac. Originally I was running Microsoft Office under Windows (dual operating systemThe switch from set-up). After a few months, I realized that OpenOffice let me do everything that Office did - including reading and saving documents in Office and PDF format. I have not used it for anything but word processing, but it does a great job on that.
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Apache OpenOffice is a great alternative to Microsoft. If you are looking for an Office Suite that has most of the features like Microsoft Office, but is one-hundred percent free, then choose Apache OpenOffice. You will not be disappointed.
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This free software reduces office costs. I sincerely recommend this software.
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