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Oct 17.2020Version: 7.0.2
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OCCT is free for personal use only !
With this useful software you can analyze your computers CPU by pushing it to its operating limits.
OCCT was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

Errors that appear on the display while working on the computer can be the beginning of a much bigger problem that you cannot detect. To diagnose your computer and make sure everything is in perfect condition you can download OCCT.

OCCT allows you to easily diagnose the configuration and is ideal for testing the performance of your processor and graphics card. It offers various options, such as a preconfigured test, which takes an average of 30 minutes or you can adjust your own test parameters.

The interface is intuitive, but a bit crowded at first glance and allows you to test the hardware configuration and finally you can compare the performance of your components due to the presentation of tests in the form of reports and graphs.

At the same time, OCCT integrates HW monitor, so you no longer need to configure or install other monitoring software, OCCT can monitor in real time all ongoing processes and display important information, such as the general information panel. system, processor and HDD temperature, supply voltage for various computer components, number of fan rotations and processor operating frequency.

OCCT defaults to test mode only for 64-bit processor architectures.

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* Checking the processor with its own test, determining the performance to the limit to find errors in the process.
* Linpack processor test.
* GPU test to verify the operation of the graphics unit.
* GPU Memtest to check the operation of the graphics card memory.
* This software allows you to check the voltage and monitor various elements that may affect the stability of your computer.
More information
+ OCCT has been in our software catalog since Jul 21.2020.
+ The current version is 7.0.2 and has been updated to Oct 17.2020.
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Not sure how helpful?? Confused found not helpful.
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Good Stress Test for CPU Memory vs. CPU Temperature.
A computer should be able to have its cpu and memory work hard for 10 minutes, or an hour, etc. without overheating. OCCT gives the computer a balanced workout using cpu processing power, system RAM memory, and the computers cooling fans.
On the user display you will see the cpu core temperatures rise when the test begins. If cpu core temps. remain below, say, 80 degrees C. throughout the test then your system is probably OK. If the cpu core temps. remain below 70C. so much the better.
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