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Network Notepad

Jun 25.2019 / network / tools
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A useful application for those who want to build complex network diagrams using predefined images.
Network Notepad is an application designed to create network diagrams using different preset network images.

Unfortunately, the application has no support and is not easy to use, you need to give it some time until you can get familiar with the interface and command menu.

Network Notepad allows you to import or export data in CSV or NDG formats, save BMP, GIF, or PNG image charts and print them.

Network Notepad provides you with a built-in library of different network images that you can enter and customize in your document.

At the same time, the app allows you to edit the network chart properties by adding notes, adjusting the size, changing the foreground, background, and grid colors.

In conclusion, Network Notepad provides you with a wide range of default images and useful features to help you generate network diagrams.
* Compatibility - Its a major rewrite using Microsoft .NET, so it offers better compatibility and stability with the latest Windows operating systems compared to the freeware edition.
* Zoom - Work with and edit diagrams at any zoom level.
* Resolution - Draft, Fine and Superfine modes for improved graphics and printing.
* Rotate - Rotate text and rotate objects to any angle. Drag-and-Rotate.
* Workspace - Supports larger workspace bitmap larger diagrams.
* Multi-page diagrams - Add as many pages to a diagram/ document as you wish and access the pages instantly using the onscreen page tabs.
* Custom shapes - Create your own customizable shapes inside of Network Notepad Professional Edition.
* Grouping and Locking - Combine two or more objects to make composite objects.
* Auto-align links - Can be enabled for a link style or for an individual link so that connection alignment is maintained horizontally and vertically.
* Library Search - Find objects in all of your libraries using keywords. Save the result as a new library.
* Enhanced Link Styles - New lightning and curve link styles.
* Template Diagrams - When you start a new diagram, select from the list of templates to set the page size, orientation, link styles, and any default drawing such as a title block and border.
* Unlimited user-defined function buttons - 10 separate toolsets.
* Print Preview.
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Devlog Network Notepad
Added Script Objects. Format Object Script Menu options and Online Library button.

Change New link termination selected indicator.

Change Various code syncs with Pro Edition.

Fixed Problems running if language was set to French or Thai in v4.6.9
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Worked for what I needed it for
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Every new version is a big advancement..
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Works for me
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Jason Green
Network / Tools
6.0.3 : jun 25.2019
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Network Notepad by Jason Green