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An application that synchronizes calendars and can give you clear information about the time spent depending on the activity you carry out.
MineTime was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
An application that synchronizes calendars and can give you clear information about the time spent depending on the activity you carry out.

MineTime is software that can sync Outlook, Google / Gmail, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud and more calendars into a single interface.

MineTime works on all operating systems and the software aims to provide a more user-oriented experience, allowing you to manage cloud calendars in one place. In a nutshell, this sleek utility lets you manage your Google, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365 calendars directly from your computer desktop.

MineTime can be considered one of the best applications on the calendar, thanks to its intuitive design, which allows you to plan events at a time and make many specifications. The software is also complemented by a somewhat unusual wizard, with which you can easily schedule events and perform a wide range of actions using basic English sentences.

In the case of group meetings, the software automatically suggests the best time for all participants to avoid conflicting meetings.

You can use it and run it without making complicated configuration settings and it does not use a significant amount of memory or processing power.

In conclusion, MineTime is practical and intuitive and allows you to easily organize and add appointments, meetings, tasks, important data ... and generates analysis reports on time spent.

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* All your calendars in one place : MineTime works natively with Google Calendar,, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and any CalDAV service: this means you can organize all your calendars directly in MineTime.
* Time Analytics : MineTime Insight provides a visual analysis of past scheduling decisions
* Natural Language : MineTime's assistant understands what you say. You can easily schedule new events or perform actions on the calendar by using the most intuitive interface: English.
* Cross-platform experience: MineTime is a calendar built on Electron, allowing it to run natively as desktop application on Windows, Mac, Linux.
* Smart scheduling : Considering everyones agendas and their personal preferences, MineTime will make group scheduling fast and easy as never before.
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+ MineTime has been in our software catalog since Jan 20.2020.
+ The current version is 1.8.10 and has been updated to Oct 12.2020.
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yes, i like my own project. :)
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