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Aug 21.2020Version: 15.5.1

Megacubo is a broadcast tuner application written in PHP and Winbinder. Megacubo has a catalog of links of TV streams, which are available for free on the web. At the moment it only runs on Windows (7 or later). Megacubo lets you watch hundreds of live TV channels for your computer without antenna or TV cards.

Miniplayer mode Something that Megacubo does and no site can do is play the channel in 'miniplayer' mode, so you can access any other site while watching your favorite channel on a small fixed player in the corner of the screen of your choice.

Ad Storm Usually, when you enter one of these sites, you are faced with a war scenario where there are countless ads huddled one over the other with a tiny X in the corner, where by clicking you inevitably ends up clicking on the ad. In the Megacubo, you do not have to go through this, seeing only a fair amount of ads determined by the transmitter itself.

My Favorites Just like in your browser, in Megacubo you can press Ctrl+D to add the open channel to the favorites of the program, that way, every time you open the program you can go directly to your favorite channels. To remove this channel from the favorites, simply press Ctrl + D again (with the channel open or loading).

Community Finding all the channels you need in Megacubo is much simpler than accessing numerous sites in order to find the desired channel. If everyone contributed to updating the channel list, no one would need to go through a pilgrimage to find a channel.

Channels Being Watched The more our community grows, the more interesting it becomes the 'Channels Being Watched' section, allowing you to observe the audience data of a channel on the internet almost in real time (at most one minute of delay in the data).

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More information
+ Megacubo has been in our software catalog since Oct 22.2017.
+ The current version is 15.5.1 and has been updated to Aug 21.2020.
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