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Oct 14.2020Version:
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Web browser easy to use and with multiple features such as, private browsing, ad blocker, a download manager and more.
Maxthon Browser was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

If you are looking for an alternative browser that combines beauty with power, Maxthon Browser is what you need.

Maxthon Browser is a web browser that allows browsing through a tabbed system and is based on two page rendering engines: Trident and Webkit. Thanks to these two engines, Maxthon Browser is compatible with all websites, is much faster and incorporates many state-of-the-art features.

Maxthon Browser protects the privacy of its users, has an RSS reader, automatically fills in URLs and identification forms, also has a bookmark management bar, an anti-pop to block ads, a protection tool to protect your activities and everything is completely customizable in the browser, from editing to the toolbar.

Maxton Brother opens to the user a new experience between platforms and devices, you will be able to synchronize tabs, searches, histories, notes and bookmarks and many more.

Maxthon is a powerful multi-platform browser that works on Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone and uses only a small part of the system resources.

In conclusion, the Maxthon browser has to face a number of competitors, but the browser has evolved and become more efficient and practical, offering a new interface, a quick start and a good browsing experience.

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* Safe Cloud Browser, Support Multi-Platform Data Sharing.
* Fast Speed, Because The Technology Is Excellent.
* Powerful Ad Blocking Feature
* Free Download Facebook & YouTube Videos, Resource Sniffer & Downloader.
* Incognito Mode, Private Browsing.
* Auto Fill Out Forms, Repeated Information Without Filling The Second Time.
* Handy Tools
More information
+ Maxthon Browser has been in our software catalog since Apr 11.2016.
+ The current version is and has been updated to Oct 14.2020.
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Window Browser recently launched. For me one of the best. Recommanded.
rating star
Big surprise!!I like Maxthon
rating star
Awesome browser!
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The Best Browsing Experience! I used to be dedicated to another browser (rhymes with Shrome) until someone recommended Maxthon. Im so happy I made the switch. The browsing experience has been elevated and ive never felt more in control of my browser. I love the extensions and skins (though I want more!) and the fast loading times.Truly the best browser, I dont know why people arent picking up on this quicker? Maxthon rules!
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Best Browser Out There. IE drives people away, Chrome is too Light, Mozilla keeps crashing, Opera seems its for old people, Maxthon is the way to go.
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