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This software offers a free, reliable and complete solution for video and audio editing

Kdenlive was reviewed by Ionut Tutica
Kdenlive is a video editing and editing software adapted for all levels of users, both for beginners and professionals.

This software is based on many other open source projects, such as FFmpeg or frei0r and has a number of complex functions that allow you to edit professionally. Thanks to a fully structured interface that can make project management easier, you can do multi-track video and audio editing, support many multimedia formats and also support 4K processing.

When it comes to video and audio editing itself, KdenLive gives you an analyzer that allows you to adjust the audio level and image balance. Furthermore,

Also, when it comes to video and audio editing, you can adapt your project, using a multitude of effects and transitions: color correction, audio adjustments, transformations, etc. Kdenlive also comes with a set of analysis tools, which include, histograms, audio meters, waveforms, vectorscopes and more.

Kdenlive is an acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor
and is an open-source project, which was launched in 2003 for the Linux operating system and since then has been in a continuous development, reaching to be developed for the Windows platform as well.

We recommend this video editor, which is a 100% free and powerful alternative to other similar video and audio editing software, such as Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere for Windows.

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How to install Kdenlive:
- the program is portable in a self-unpacking archive.
- in order to open the software, after unpacking the archive, you must enter the bin folder and click on the kdenlive.exe icon.
... / bin / kdenlive.exe
* Multi-track video editing : Kdenlive allows you to use and arrange several audio and video tracks, each one can be locked or muted to your convenience.
* Use any audio / video format : Being based on the powerful FFmpeg libraries, Kdenlive can use almost any audio and video formats directly without the need to convert or re-encode your clips.
* Configurable interface and shortcuts : You can arrange and save your custom interface layouts to fit your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts can also be configured to match your preferences.
* Titler: Create 2D titles for your projects.
* Many effects and transitions : Dozens of effects are available, ranging from color correction to audio adjustments, as well as all the standard transform options.
* Audio and video scopes : Monitor your audio level or check the color scopes to make sure your footage is correctly balanced.
* Proxy editing : Kdenlive can automatically create low resolution copies of your source clips to allow you doing the editing on any computer, and then render using full resolution.
* Automatic backup : Your project file is automatically backed up every few minutes, and older versions of the project file are also kept in case you need to roll back to a previous version.
* Online resources : Download render profiles, wipes and title templates directly from the interface.
* Timeline preview :Sometimes when using hi-res footage or complex effects, real-time playback is not possible.
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Fantastic job, thank you for conveying
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Good Soft! Thank. Excellent application!
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Cool project, thanks for showing!
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Very useful for editing videos. Thanks for the share.
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Kdenlive works good.
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Easy for use.
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Kdenlive is a fantastic program that has become indispensable to me. Its powerful, for the most part stable, and very capable. Thanks for this great software!
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