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Mar 02.2020Version: 0.04
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IP Monitor, monitors the dynamic IP address of the device on which it is installed, then sends it to to indicate a new modified IP address.
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How hard it should be, every time you open your browser, to remember every IP address for each site you want to visit, as example, instead of A typical Domain Name System (DNS) is used to convert IP addresses to domain names. Cameras and other Internet devices use IP addresses to name and identify.

A DDNS acts in the same way as DNS but you can change an IP address in a domain name to be redirected to another IP address. is a DDNS and is used to remotely access devices that are connected to the Internet (home computer, IP camera, or other IoT devices), transforming the IP address into a domain name.

If the device address is a dynamic IP address, it is sent to where it will always remain static.

Go to and create a free user / password account and where you can allocate up to 5 IP addresses and IP Monitor can check the connection to the new address.

IP Monitor, monitors the dynamic IP address of the device on which it is installed, then sends it to to indicate a new modified IP address.

Finally. The benefits of this system (DDNS) are multiple, remote accessing your PC, IP camera, or other IoT devices network-related devices, save money because you no longer have to pay your internet service provider month for a static IP address.

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+ IP Monitor has been in our software catalog since Apr 17.2019.
+ The current version is 0.04 and has been updated to Mar 02.2020.
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~ simple and good DDNS !
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