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Draw plans with simple or complex organized data for brainstorming sessions.

Freeplane was reviewed by Ionut Tutica
Freeplane is a free application with which you can make plans for workplace brainstorming sessions.

Freeplane has an easy, intuitive and fairly clear interface for all users regardless of the level of knowledge and you can create new plans from scratch, using the templates provided by developers. You can add a lot of graphic elements such as exclamation and wonder signs, stars, bulbs, numbers, flags and you can change the background color of the plan, add hyperlinks and images, password protect, export the plan in one of the HTML formats, JPEG, XML, XLS, TXT.

At the same time, the application supports multiple multitasking tabs, so you can work with multiple projects at the same time. The Preferences window opens a menu where you have a wide range of configuration options, for example, you can customize the layout and reconfigure keyboard shortcuts.

In conclusion, Freeplane is a good application for developing panes for brainstorming sessions, and in the tests performed it did not display error messages and it did not block, it has a good response time and especially it comes with a useful documentation for all users.
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tried hard to get a good mind mapping app and found it! Thanks for your work, guys.
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Its an excelent software to organize the topics of subjects that Im studying!
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Its a pleasure to open this piece of free software each morning again.
Thank you for all the work done!
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An excellent piece of free software.
Some aspects are a bit clunky, but I am still rating 5 stars because of the breadth of the project.
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Freeplane is just great, one of the best Open Source projects, and as a Mind Mapping tool, it is on par or even better than commercial software. I use it on Linux and Mac, and it works great in both operating systems.
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It is amazing and I think the UI is easy to use and good looking enough. I cant complain.
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Great and fully featured software. I highly recommend freeplane for any mindmapping needs.
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Excellent program.
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