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The application is free for personal use!
A software that offers backups with multiple destinations, so you can make backups on the local hard drive, but also on an external device or local network.
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Any technical problem or malware can delete all the information stored on your computer in a few minutes. If you have a problem with your computer, it is essential to back up your entire HDD so that you can be sure that you are not losing important data from your computer and that you can restore it quickly and efficiently in minutes.

We present FBackup, which is a free backup tool with which you can automatically save the chosen data from your computer, from any USB device or even from the network. Backups can be made to a compressed file or by making an exact copy of all files.

Even if you are a beginner user, FBackup has the ability to help you step by step and has a wizard to guide you through the process of creating backups. Of course, if you are an advanced user you can use the advanced mode.

The software includes a number of interesting features, it uses ZIP64 compression, thus allowing you to create ZIP files larger than 2 GB that you can save and password protect.

Also, FBackup has the automatic update function, which checks the update every week, so that you always have the latest working version.

In conclusion, if you do not want to lose important data from the HDD, we recommend FBackup which will help you to back up your files. In case of a problem with your computer, you will always have your data in a backup and you have peace of mind.

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* Automatic backups : You define a backup job, set it to run automatically, and forget about it. FBackup will automatically run the backup at the scheduled date, so you have the benefits not only of having your data protected, but you'll also save precious time.

* Backup with standard zip compression : When using 'full backup', the sources will be archived using standard zip compression. FBackup uses ZIP64 compression, which means that it can create zip files over 2GB in size. Also, you can password protect your backup zip files.

* Its free for personal and commercial purposes : FBackup is a backup software free for both commercial and personal use. This means that you can save some money by not having to buy another backup program.
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+ FBackup has been in our software catalog since Jan 28.2017.
+ The current version is 8.9 updated to Dec 12.2020.
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Excellent, robust backup tool. Amazingly full-featured for a free program. Broad capabilities, including all the standard backup options, but with many more features that the competition holds out for paid upgrades only. It took awhile to find FBackup among all the tools out there, but it was worth the extra searching.
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Works great for almost 1 year now.
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Free software is good, but too simple.
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It is awesome. Get it now!!!!!
Very useful piece of software for any user. Simple to use and easily backups your files and protects from corruption. I recommend this to anybody looking for a simple and easy to use software for backing up their important files.
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