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A powerful data transformation and automation tool. Optimized for business users. A free edition available.

With EasyMorph business users and data experts automate complex data transformations and routine or repetitive tasks. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required designing is 100% visual. EasyMorph is optimized for non-technical users that would like to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments, and spend less time on tedious data-related tasks.

Data transformation isn't easy. One of its main challenges is having a clear understanding of the transformation logic because it's highly prone to human errors and data quality issues. We walked away from the traditional approach to designing transformations in order to bring more clarity into calculations, and make authoring simpler:

* Data in tables is transformed step-by-step, by applying various transformations one after another. Alternatively, pick commands from a context menu. In this case, EasyMorph automatically creates necessary transformations for you, on the fly.
* The full result of each transformation step is stored in memory. Just click a transformation to see its result. You can easily trace a calculation back to the point where it went wrong as if you had a 'time machine'.
* EasyMorph automatically re-calculates dependent transformation steps in the background, instantly after a transformation was added or edited. You can immediately see how a change affects the final result, without re-running everything from the beginning after every minor edit.

EasyMorph serves a broader purpose than just data transformation ' it does data-aware automation. Frequently, tasks such as file transfer or data retrieval are automated using scripts (.bat files, PowerShell, VBA, etc.). However, arranging a rule-based workflow that behaves differently depending on a calculation can be problematic with scripts. What if hundreds of CSV files need to be moved into different folders depending on column 'Region' in them, one region into one folder? Or an email notification should be sent automatically if a key region is missing, or sales are below average? Powerful transformations, workflow actions, scheduling in EasyMorph make data-aware automation a breeze.
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Easymorph is an very impressive product. It has changed our approach to automating reports and data transfers and massively reduced reliance on excel macros.
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Wow! Lately I have been using EasyMorph for several hours a day some days doing complicated data analysis. Its by far my favorite piece of software. A true gem. Youve built something really special. Lots of useful features, easy to use, and most importantly rock solid.
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