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Jul 15.2020Version: 4.11
View, manage, and print the details of a folder on your HDD.
DirPrintOK was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

If you want to print a list of the contents of a folder on a HDD, then the ideal solution is the DirPrintOK software.

DirPrintOK is software that can help you list, save, and print the contents and tree structure of a folder on your HDD.

The software comes with an intuitive interface, similar to Windows Explorer and that allows you to preview the details of the files in a selected folder in a simple way. Therefore, you can view and print all available information about files, the contents of folders, subfolders and their structuring.

There are several filters and settings to customize the display of your list of folders and files. Once you have chosen the folder you want to print, DirPrintOK has a print preview and is able to export the final report in one of the XLS / HTML / CSV / TXT file formats.

DirPrintOK is available free of charge and requires no installation.

In conclusion, DirPrintOK which gives you a clear view of the folder structure and allows you to select the details or content that will be printed.
More information about DirPrintOK
- DirPrintOK has been in our software catalog since Jul 15.2020 and has reached 5 downloads.
- The current version is 4.11 and has been updated to Jul 15.2020.
DirPrintOK features

* Print the details of the individual file, such as the MP3 ID3 tag
* Grouping: by file extension, modification time, size or folders
* Multi-Tab to open a second folder in a new tab
* Printing: with a print preview and a variable format report.
* Print the list of cmd.exe directories
* Quick file transfer
* Portable - multilingual

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