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Nov 26.2016Version: 4.18

Digital Media Converter Pro is the fastest and most feature packed, all-format audio and video conversion software. Use Digital Media Converter Pro to convert more than 170 media format and supports over 70 different portable devices. It can take full advantage of multicore processors, cutting conversion times by up to 70%!

Even with all that power, it's amazingly easy to use. The program's intelli-setting technology analyzes the file you are converting and determines the best conversion settings - this guarantees the best conversion quality. You still have full control of every conversion setting. Choose a single file on your PC or entire folders to convert.

Convert media files for any purpose. Make your TV shows, movies, and music portable. There's no need to search through device manuals. Digital Media Converter Pro has built-in profiles to let you convert media to play on devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP and many more. Whether you have a third generation mobile phone or a Windows Mobile device, you can carry your music library and favorite shows in your pocket. This audio and video conversion software will even add converted files to your iTunes playlists automatically!

Convert your Audio CDs collection into audio formats like MP3, WMA, M4A and OGG. Digital Media Converter Pro automatically look up artist, track, and album information during conversion. It can even make your own custom playlists.
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- Digital Media Converter has been in our software catalog since Nov 26.2016 and has reached 143 downloads.
- The current version is 4.18 and has been updated to Nov 26.2016.

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