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Jun 02.2021Version: 0.7.2

A very useful application for programmers, which allows browsing documentation offline for many programming environments and development technologies.

DevDocs Desktop was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
If you are an application developer, you should always have good documentation that you can rely on. Imagine that if you have all the documentation for all programming languages, in one place, you will save a lot of time during development.

What is is a very useful web application that gives users access to reference documentation for almost all front-end libraries and official APIs.

Desktop application, DevDocs

Thanks to the Electron application, you can now access the full functionality of directly on your computer desktop, thanks to an unofficial application called DevDocs.

A wide range of programming documentation

After installing the application, without too much difficulty, access an interface perfectly identical to that of the web application, The DevDocs application comes with support for dozens of programming languages, as well as the respective APIs. Among the programming languages, we find the traditional C, C ++, CoffeeScript, CSS, DOM, Git, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Markdown, PHP, Python, React, Ruby and many more.

All available documentation is listed in a left sidebar and you can open it just like any other manual or you can simply use the search function to find all potential matches.

In conclusion

A simple application that brings most of the programming manuals you need in one place.

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