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An ideal solution for creating events, meetings directly on your computer desktop.

DesktopCal was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
DesktopCal offers a simple solution to always have a calendar at hand, this software places the current month's calendar directly on the Windows desktop, and event information is immediately visible.

You can configure the software as you wish, specify the number of lines you want, the background space, the background color of the year, the clarity and font design, and so on. You can also save the software settings to a file, so you can be sure that nothing will be lost if you reinstall your operating system. Although the application remains active in the background, it does not affect the operation of the computer.

The use of this software is not technically sophisticated. Each day of the year corresponds to a calendar box that you just need to double-click to add or change the events associated with it.

In conclusion, DesktopCal is a smart calendar that will help you not forget important appointments or organize your work better.
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* Record anything by double-click on the windows desktop.
* Offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries and other information.
* Move your data from one device to another with powerful tools.
* Print any page of calendar with wallpaper as you work.
* Set background color for any day you want. So, the days are colorful.
* Powerful and easy-to-use settings allows you to easily customize your own calendar.
* Powerful cloud sync make you roll back easily and make your data more secure.
* Mobile DesktopCal, enjoy real-time data synchronization.
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It is easy to use once you become familiar with it.
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