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With this free application you can scan and monitor the network.

cStatus was reviewed by Iulian Dinita
cStatus is an advanced network scanning and monitoring tool for one or more addresses and supports viewing, filtering, and notifying data.

cStatus scans and monitors the Netbios network for Windows and the wireless network, benefits from scanner and monitor tools for whois and traceroute. cStatus will help you find all the IP addresses, MAC addresses, and shared folders of computers on your wireless or wireless network (Wi-Fi). Due to its interface and options, the application can also be used for monitoring and scanning networks for TCP and ICMP connections.

After scanning, the application displays the list of networked computers in a window that contains the computer name, IP address, MAC address, NIC provider, shared folders, and other technical details for each computer.

In our tests, we did not encounter any problems and cStatus quickly performed the network scans. We recommend this application, to use it every time you want to find out information about your computer network.
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A monitoring system with:
- ICMP ping monitoring
- TCP port monitoring (TCP ping)
- Statistical informations
- Charting
- Simple alarm system
- Allows opening a host with several tools: RDP, http, FTP, etc.
- Host display filtering system

An IP scanner:
- MAC information and MAC vender detection
- Hostname retrieval with the possiblitly to change DNS query server
- Port scanner
- Allows to add to the monitoring, one of the IPs that has been detected
- Host display filtering system

A graphical Trace Route:
- Shows the route (hops) through the network between your computer and a specified destination computer.
- Calculates and displays the amount of time each hop took
- Hostname retrieval with the possiblitly to change DNS query server
- Allows to add to the monitoring one of the IPs that has been detected
More information
+ cStatus has been in our software catalog since Oct 26.2018.
+ The current version is updated to Mar 24.2021.
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