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Crucial Storage Executive

Aug 12.2019Version: 6.04.042020.06
We present a free and reliable utility for optimizing and maintaining SSD.
Crucial Storage Executive was reviewed by Razvan Iancu

With the advent of SSDs (Solid State Units) you can see an acceleration of loading times and launching applications or games.

Crucial Storage Executive is a utility designed to monitor the performance of your SSD, but it also offers optimization features for optimal settings for the highest access speed.

Crucial Storage Executive comes with a technical interface, well structured, on the left side you have the buttons with which you can access and modify different configurations, and on the right side of the screen you can see a lot of information related to the activity and performance of the SSD.

we can notice some good features of the utility, you can increase the speed by disabling the AHCI mode, improving the cache, preventing errors, data corruption or permanent damage, and if you are a victim of a malware infection, then you can use Drive Sanitiz and all the malware files were erased from disk.

In conclusion, Crucial Storage Executive is an efficient utility that helps you view, edit and maintain disks, so you can enjoy the performance of your SSD as much as possible.

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* Enable the Momentum Cache feature and make many SSD operations up to 10x faster
* Download the latest firmware
* See how much storage youve used
* Monitor your SSDs operating temperature and overall health
* Reset your SSDs encryption password
* Verify your SSDs model number for warranty claims
* Clear all data stored on the drive
More information
+ Crucial Storage Executive has been in our software catalog since Aug 12.2019.
+ The current version is 6.04.042020.06 and has been updated to Aug 12.2019.
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