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Aug 27.2020Version: 7.46
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A simple and especially free application that removes all unnecessary files from your computer and thus keeps your browsing confidentiality in Windows.
Clean Space was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
A simple and especially free application that removes all unnecessary files from your computer and thus keeps your browsing confidentiality in Windows.

Each time you use the computer, sensitive information that you do not want to make public is stored in different folders and files, and most of the files stored are a real violation of privacy by breaching confidentiality. These can be temporary files, caches, cookies, full browser history, activity logs and more. Specifically, you must constantly delete these files, and the application you need is Clean Space and could be the ideal solution for this problem.

Clean Space will help you delete all the trash files located in your computer and free up the space on your HDD and make your computer run faster and help protect your privacy.

Clean Space comes with a friendly interface, and after installing the application, it starts searching for garbage files throughout the computer. After the search is completed, a number calculated in bytes is presented that represents the size of the garbage files you have in the computer. Clicking on the 'Details' button will open a list of all the programs that use garbage files and from which you can choose what you want to delete or keep. You can see the list of applications from Windows, Skype, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, iTunes and more. At the same time from the main window you can delete all the garbage files by pressing the 'Delete' key.

In conclusion, we recommend Clean Space which is a free and easy to use application for all users and which scans, detects and deletes all the junk that the operating system normally stores, thus protecting your privacy and improving the performance of your computer.

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+ Clean Space has been in our software catalog since Feb 18.2018.
+ The current version is 7.46 and has been updated to Aug 27.2020.
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Clean Space is great software, but there are still freeware cleaners doing a pretty decent job, so why pay? CCleaner, ATF Cleaner are both still free to use. After you spend $ 40-60 on antivirus software, registry cleaners, etc.

After a while you learn how to save your money, but software companies understand that you have to make money.
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