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Clean Disk Free

Nov 19.2019Version: 2.2

Clean your computer of unnecessary files quickly and safely.

Clean Disk Free was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu
Clean Disk Free is a free software that helps you clean your computer from temporary files, clean your browser and delete unnecessary files left by various installed applications and thus free up significant space on your HDD.

If you do not clean your computer at defined intervals, removing unnecessary data, the operating system starts to crash and can no longer function properly.

With this software, in just a few minutes, you clear your browser cache, internet searches, browsing history, internet account, cookies in such browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer.

In conclusion, Clean Disk Free, is easy to use and fast and will help you wipe your computer memory of various scraps that interfere with the efficient functioning of your PC and lock your HDD, thus keeping your operating system clean.
* This simple tool has a very high speed. The process of cleaning your PC takes only a few minutes.
* The program will help remove the temporary browser files (including history, cache and cookies), clean up the Temp folder and delete temporary files left over from many programs.
* This software helps free up space on the hard disk, thereby increasing the speed and performance of your PC.
* Users can control the process of deleting files and only delete those files that are not necessary.
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