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Jul 29.2020Version: 1.20.4
An efficient tool that allows you to keep and manage all your passwords securely in one interface.
Buttercup was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

Buttercup is a free and simple manager that allows you to protect and manage your passwords on all devices.

Buttercup has proven to be a very useful manager for those who own and use a large number of accounts with different passwords, daily. It uses a strong encrypted password for the account where you can store your details and passwords securely. For each online service use stronger and more complex passwords and let Buttercup store them securely.

The interface is intuitive and has been designed in such a way as to provide only the essential knowledge for the quick management of your data. All of this data is encrypted in AES-256 and can be customized by adding the username, associating a keyword, adding comments and more.

Buttercup is an open source tool available on Windows, macOS or Linux.

In conclusion, we recommend the free Buttercup manager that guarantees optimal data security, thanks to a powerful encryption algorithm.
More information about Buttercup
- Buttercup has been in our software catalog since May 29.2017 and has reached 4 downloads.
- The current version is 1.20.4 and has been updated to Jul 29.2020.
Buttercup features

Secure : Strong 256bit AES encrypted vaults that meet today's security standards. Rest assured that your credentials are safe.

Simple : Easy-to-use interfaces with basic concepts make storing and finding your login details a piece of cake.

Free : Buttercup's software is free to download and use, forever. It's also available for all major platforms.

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