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Jan 14.2019Version: 1.09
MathPad is a smart notepad that calculates answers based on what you type in.

MathPad is a smart notepad that calculates answers based on what you type in. It allows you to type in math expressions, assign variables, define functions, convert units, add units together and much more. There is no enter button, it automatically evaluates everything you type as you type it. You can go back and edit, add, or delete anything you want at any time, just like a notepad.

MathPad was designed to take full advantage of the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. In the past many people tried to simulate calculators as closely as possible. They would even purposely add limitations to make it behave more like a regular calculator. For example, with many physical calculators if you are typing in an expression and make a mistake, you had to start all over again. On a PC there is no reason for this, but people would add that behavior as if it was a feature.

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Code install

// ..................

a = 8
b = 3

a = a XOR b
b = a XOR b
a = a XOR b


// ..................

G = Gravitational constant
M = Earth's mass
r = Earth's equatorial radius

g = (GM)/r^2
* Unit Conversion: You can convert units like so, 5 meters to feet or pound to kilogram.
* Unit Conversion: To convert units you can type to or in.
* Unit arithmetic: 4 feet + 8 inches outputs 4.66 feet.
* Unit arithmetic: You can combine it with unit conversion, so 2 meters + 4 inches in feet outputs 6.9 feet
* Implied 1. The units in pint to cup and the first unit in foot + 2 meters have an invisible 1 before it.
* Implied first unit used. If you type meter + 2 feet + 10, it is the same as typing meter + 2 feet + 10 meters.
* Multiple ways to type a unit: inch or inches and foot or feet.
* Can pass angle units into trig functions: sin(1 radian) or sin(1.2 rads) & cos(90 degrees) or cos(180 degs).
* Can pass units into user-defined functions.
* Convert between mass & energy (E=mc^2) . E.g. 10 megatons to pounds = 1.03 pounds.
* Constants are saved in their respective units. If you type in speed of light it will output 1,498,962,290 meter/second.
* You can use unit conversion with constants. Typing Earth.Circumference in inches will output 1,577,755,956 inches.
* Define your own units.
* Dimensional Analysis.
* Function what is can be used on units to give physical quantity or vise versa.
* Function in base units can be used on units to break it down into the base SI units that make it up.
More information
+ BitCake MathPad has been in our software catalog since Jan 14.2019.
+ The current version is 1.09 and has been updated to Jan 14.2019.
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