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Jul 12.2021Version: 5.1
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A great tool with which you can uninstall unwanted programs and their traces from your computer.

BCUninstaller was reviewed by Anca Hutu
BCUninstaller or Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a great utility to help you delete programs that you no longer need from the Windows operating system but with an advanced feature to remove all traces of registry or file files and thus create space on the HDD.

The interface of the utility has a clean interface that does not pose problems even to beginner users but also offers advanced features that only allow experienced users to take advantage of them.

When you launch the utility, the list with the programs installed on your computer opens, all you have to do is select which programs you want to uninstall and click on the 'Uninstall' or 'Uninstall Uninstall' button in the utility interface.

In conclusion, BCUninstaller is a great utility that helps you remove more consecutive programs from your computer to make room on the HDD, but beware, you can uninstall only the programs that have the uninstall file.
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* Detection and uninstallation of Windows Store apps
* Uninstallation of multiple items at once (with collision prevention)
* Advanced grouping, sorting, filtering and searching
* Automatic detection and closing of running applications
* Automatic updating and error reporting
* Custom commands can be executed before and after uninstallation
* Editing tools and backup creation - can generate .reg files and remove junk to recycle bin
* Fully portable, requires Net 3.5 which is installed on all Windows 7 machines by default
* Quiet (unattended) uninstall of many programs when they don't openly support it
* Visibility of protected and invalid entries (system uninstaller doesn't see them)
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Extremely thorough uninstaller, this guy knows how to code.
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Nicely done, easy for inexperienced folks, great for skilled techs.
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