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A powerful text-to-speech program that uses Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) versions for sound playback.
Balabolka was reviewed by Ionut Tutica

Balabolka or , which means 'Chatterbox' in Russian, is a free software that converts written text into speech using versions of Microsoft Speech API (SAPI), but with modifications designed to improve the clarity and articulation of artificial speech generated by speech platforms.

With the technological evolution, today's TTS functions can be customized in many ways, so that the difference between natural speech and computer generated speech can hardly be made.

However, we believe that most users will not have problems with simply opening and rendering a document in Balabolka.

The software can play the contents of the clipboards and can open and view the text in several file formats: AZW, CHM, DjVu, DOC, EPUB, FB2, LIT, HTML, MOBI, ODT, PRC, PDF and RTF, at the same time Balabolka can save synchronized text in external LRC files or ID3 type in MP3 tags in audio files.

In conclusion, in the tests we did not have problems with the software, did not crash, with powerful functions and flexible configuration parameters, Balabolka is a reliable software for users who want to use text-to-speech.
More information about Balabolka
- Balabolka has been in our software catalog since Oct 08.2016 and has reached 3 downloads.
- The current version is and has been updated to Aug 05.2020.
Balabolka features

+ Generate a natural and intelligible voice to read texts.
+ Using the Microsoft text-to-speech engine, Speech API (SAPI).
+ Ability to use the voices installed on the operating system, Download Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice TTS / RealSpeak TTS voices for free from the official site or buy other commercial voices.
+ Change several of the voice parameters (tone and speed).
+ Possibility to change the words 'pronunciation rules.
+ Compatibility with Doc, RTF, PDF, ODT, FB2 and HTML FORMATS.
+ Save texts read as WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA.
+ Customizable interface through the skins.
+ Support for TTS engines SAPI 4 and SAPI 5.

#text reader#read text#text2speech#speech#voice#articulation
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Free with good useful features. Lets put it in this way, if Balabolka was human, She would be the that Free Friend with benefits lol
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For free, this is the best text to speech and audio file program I found.
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Free with good useful features e.g. Global Hotkeys, multi documents, minimize to tray, Speech selected text from other programs, and even more features that I dont use but they could be useful for other people.
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