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Nov 21.2019 - Version: 1.2.42

An application for deep earth explorers that allows them to map and graph graphically underground cave systems.

Aven was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu
Speleology is a great activity loved by the caves and caves explorers. The Aven application allows you to map and plot a cave system, you can use it to view other projects or cave mapping plans.

The application comes with a comprehensive set of options, such as depth indicators, entry and exit points, control points. At the same time, moving the cursor on the graphics is displayed GPS coordinates and you will know exactly where the cave location is.

With the Aven app, you can save your projects and make interactive presentations to show them demonstration classes or public conferences.

In conclusion, Aven is ideal for speleologists to represent and visualize underground cave systems.
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#cave, #compass, #analyze, #calibration
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Sample Data : model-aven
+ Cave complexity limited only by available memory. No arbitrary limits on number of legs, number of surveys, length of station names, number of fixed points, etc.
+ Include files allow `projects for survey data management. A survey, or collection of surveys, can be included in many different projects.
+ No restrictions on the order survey data can be read in - theres no need to artificially reorder your data to make sure each survey leg connect to a previously read one.
+ Support for a wide range of data styles, including interleaved data, backsights, underwater surveys performed with a depth gauge, and unsurveyed visual connections.
+ Network reduction with loop closure errors distributed by least squares. Standard errors and closure errors are reported. Theres also an experimental gross error (blunder) detector.
+ Data can be partially processed, loops closed, and then more data processed which will not move the existing stations - useful for adding a loop to an existing map without redrawing the whole thing.
+ All instruments (e.g. tape, compass, clino, topofil, depth gauge) have optional scale and zero corrections.
+ Special handling for plumbed legs (where the clino correction doesnt apply).
+ Magnetic declination can be set automatically from the survey date (useful for survey projects lasting many years).
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AvenAven for Mac
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