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A program that helps you find duplicate files on your computer and delete them to save storage space.
AllDup was reviewed by Horia Petrovanu

It is quite difficult to manually search all the duplicate files in your personal computer and thus eliminate everything you do not need and make free on the HDD. We present to you, AllDup is a program that searches and finds duplicate files on your computer and allows you to delete any file you do not need.

With AllDup you can choose the drives and folders you want to browse, and the added filters can make it easier to search only for certain file types, or you can choose to scan folders by any combination of name, extension, size, content, last time modified and many more.

All of these configuration options do not slow down the program, and in general, it has yielded quick results upon completion, even when scanning a huge USB external drive, because the program provides good feedback, with a progress counter that shows how much longer you have to wait and a list of how many duplicates have been found so far.

And at the end, when the search is complete, you will be able to choose a number of options displayed, so you can select and delete the files you do not need.

In conclusion, we recommend AllDupa to help you search for duplicate files and analyze your HDDs and free up much of your storage space.

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+ Lets you search for files in multiple folders, tools, optical disks, or network storage.
+ Includes search filters to exclude certain types of files.
+ List the duplicate files that you find ordered by folders.
+ Provides the ability to permanently delete or move unnecessary duplicate files.
+ Ignore IP3 MP3 file tags.
+ Allows you to store and retrieve search results.
+ All clear and visible duplicate files
+ When you launch AllDup a startup screen will appear if you need to configure the search options: hard drives or folders where the search will take place, the search criteria, the options and the filters you want to set. Once you've set everything up, AllDup will start searching.
More information
+ AllDup has been in our software catalog since Sep 18.2018.
+ The current version is 4.4.38 and has been updated to Oct 12.2020.
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~ really the best app to find duplicate files i have ever seen! and its free!
it also has the ability to scan inside various archive files like zip rar 7z.
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Would be great to be able to see this software!
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