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Advanced Internet Management

Jan 20.2020Version: 1.1
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With this free and easy application you can monitor and manage traffic on the Internet or on the local LAN.
Advanced Internet Management was reviewed by Iulian Dinita

Nowadays, I do not think there is access to the Internet with data transfer limitations and always consider how to manage resources in order not to exceed the maximum traffic values. But if there is this drawback we provide the Advanced Internet Management application which is easy to use which monitors and sends notifications according to user data configurations, so as to make sure you do not reach the daily, weekly or weekly data transfer rate monthly.

Advanced Internet Management application is delivered in zip format, but unpacking is executable file, so it is a portable application, and it does not install or leave traces in the Windows registry. We have tested and we can inform you that the executable file must be launched for 64bits as 'Run as administrator', at the launch of the application opens a window in which for the beginning are the configuration options. All good, after the application configuration is closed and a restart is needed, and in tests I encountered another problem, that after launching the application, it did not recognize the previously configured network card, we have to re-open the third application like this to be 100% functional and started monitoring network traffic.

At the same time, Advanced Internet Management starts recording the incoming and outgoing traffic and you can activate the 'Home Network' mode when transferring data through the local LAN.

Let's not forget that Advanced Internet Management has an interface that offers detailed instructions so that all users can use the application without needing any further guidance.

In conclusion, Advanced Internet Management benefits from a well-developed interface with a simple but efficient appearance, and in tests it has not been blocked and has consumed minimal system resources, and can help you to manage your Internet traffic carefully and to notify if you exceed your data transfer rates.

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+ Keep track of your internet data plan
+ See how much data you have used
+ Set reminder when your data plan are reaching its quota
+ Logging all of your internet data plan subscription
+ Internet connection transfer rate speed indicator
+ Running in background with the help of tray or AIM widget
+ Rich settings to optimize user preferences
More information
+ Advanced Internet Management has been in our software catalog since Aug 14.2016.
+ The current version is 1.1 and has been updated to Jan 20.2020.
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~ goood internet manager!
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