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Oct 26.2016Version: 2.4.1
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ABC Roster is an application specifically designed to help you organize and manage employee schedules.
ABC Roster was reviewed by Razvan Iancu
ABC Roster is an application specifically designed to help you organize and manage employee schedules.

If you have a small company, without a doubt running a business is an extremely difficult task, from paying bills, to storing goods on shelves, and when it comes to employees, and you must always pay close attention to all your employees, then everything becomes even more difficult to manage.

To solve this problem, we present, ABC Roster, a free application and a good alternative to managing and scheduling employees.

ABC Roster is only available in an offline package, with direct save to your computer, which creates a considerable disadvantage for your employees who will not have access to an online web page where they can manage their own profiles.

After running the application, the user comes in contact with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that will allow you to add an unlimited number of employees, in the simplest possible way, at the same time, the application allows you to track the working hours of your employees and to define the exchanges for each of them.

An important function is the possibility to export the work program in a pdf or xls document, and then, you can send it by e-mail to all the employees, directly from the application.

In conclusion, ABC Roster aims to make your time more efficient and to help you easily manage all employees using a simple interface.

ABC Roster is listed in the finance category and is available in the Windows version.

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+ ABC Roster has been in our software catalog since Oct 26.2016.
+ The current version is 2.4.1 and has been updated to Oct 26.2016.
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Very nice software but too complicated to navigate.
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Overall for a FREE program, this software is pretty far out there. With its auto-scheduler that will work to make sure that it gives to an optimized schedule (as you can easily define), this software is pretty good.

A more clearly explained manual would be a great addition though as well as support for OpenOffice instead of just Microsoft Excel would be great too.
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