AnyMP4 Screen Recorder
7-in-1 screen recorder and editor to capture any activity from video and audio with no lag.
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AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

7-in-1 screen recorder and editor to capture any activity from video and audio with no lag.
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USD 10.46
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AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a software application designed to capture and record activities on your computer screen. This type of software is commonly used for creating tutorials, recording gameplay, capturing online streaming videos, and producing other types of screen-based content. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder allows users to record their desktop screens along with audio from the system or a microphone.

Key features of AnyMP4 Screen Recorder may include:
- Screen Capture: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder enables users to capture and record activities happening on their computer screens. This can include software demonstrations, presentations, tutorials, or any other on-screen actions.
- Audio Recording: The software typically allows users to capture audio along with the screen recording. Users can choose to record system audio (such as sounds from the computer) or audio from an external microphone.
- Webcam Recording: Some versions of screen recording software, including AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, may offer the option to include a webcam feed in the recording. This is useful for creating picture-in-picture videos with both screen content and a webcam overlay.
- Selectable Recording Area: Users can often choose the specific area of the screen they want to record, whether it's the entire screen, a specific application window, or a custom-defined region.
- Frame Rate and Quality Control: The software may allow users to adjust settings such as frame rate and video quality to meet their recording preferences and requirements.
- Annotation and Markups: Some screen recording tools come with annotation features that allow users to add text, arrows, shapes, and highlights to their recordings. This can be useful for emphasizing certain elements during a tutorial or presentation.
- Scheduled Recordings: Certain screen recorders offer the ability to schedule recordings, allowing users to set a specific time to start and stop recording automatically.
- Output Format Options: Users can often choose the output format for their recorded videos, and some software supports popular video formats like MP4, AVI, or others.

It's important to note that the specific features and capabilities of AnyMP4 Screen Recorder may vary depending on the version and updates released by the developer. If you have a specific version or edition in mind, referring to the documentation provided with the software will give you detailed insights into its features and functionality.
• BrandAnyMP4
• PlatformWindows 11, 10, 7 and MacOX
Record A Specific or Multiple WindowsIt lets you record a specific window by choosing from the list or hover to select it. Also, it also allows you to exclude some window and keep multiple windows recording. Even if you open more window or screens, the window recording will continue in the background without disruptions.
Overlay Your Face and VideoWhether you are chatting with friends or family, communicating with your colleagues while working from home, or producing interesting video tutorials and demonstrations for online platforms, the webcam recorder allows you to capture whatever goes on with most webcams or digital video cameras, edit and save it high-definition video.
Record Any Screen ActivityWith this handy desktop screen recorder, you are provided with the best solution to record screen movements and actions from your desktop, app, browser, and more. The best 4K UHD screen recorder lets you screen record what happens on the whole screen or select any part of the screen you'd like to record.
Record and Cast Phone ScreenYou can use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to record your phone screen or other mobile devices screen on your computer to do those easily. And the output format of the recording video is compatible with most video websites and social networks. Besides, you also can use this program to take screenshots of your phone on your computer conveniently.
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AnyMP4 Screen Recorder produces video and audio recordings of a high quality (up to 4K in the case of video recordings) and supports all the most widely used formats for the output, be it a video, an audio file, or an image. This excellence comes at a price – this is not a cheap tool, but good quality multimedia never is.
It is the best screen recorder that I've ever used. Apart from recording my desktop, I prefer to use it as my audio recorder. It can capture my voice from microphone clearly and the audio file comes out with good quality. It is really a convenient tool to use.
The interface is clear so that I can quickly master the way to record the screen. More conveniently, I can save the recorded video as the MP4 format to my computer directly.

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