All-in-one protection with award winning security solution.
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All-in-one protection with award winning security solution.
Brand: Crystal Office
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WinLock is a software program developed by Crystal Office. It is a security tool designed to lock and protect computer systems running on the Windows operating system.

WinLock provides features to restrict access to the computer, applications, and system settings. It allows users to set up password protection to prevent unauthorized access to the computer and sensitive data. The software also offers options for restricting access to specific programs, files, and folders.

WinLock includes various security features such as:
1. Desktop Locking: It allows users to lock the desktop screen, preventing others from accessing the computer without the correct password.
2. Application Locking: Users can restrict access to specific applications installed on the computer. This feature helps prevent unauthorized usage of certain programs and protects sensitive information.
3. File and Folder Locking: WinLock offers the ability to lock and encrypt files and folders, ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify them.
4. Internet and Web Filtering: The software provides options to block access to specific websites or categories of websites, helping enforce internet usage policies and protect users from accessing inappropriate content.
5. Time Restrictions: Administrators can define time limits for computer usage, allowing or restricting access during specific hours or days. This feature is particularly useful for managing computer usage in educational or organizational settings.
6. System Lockdown: WinLock allows administrators to restrict access to system settings, control panel, and other critical system resources. This helps prevent unauthorized changes to the system configuration and enhances overall security.

Please note that the features and capabilities of WinLock may vary based on the specific version and edition of the software.
• Brand01CrystalOffice
• Operating system / PlatformWindows 7, 10, 11
WinLock lets you quickly enable or disable the protection via a hot keyYou can choose a specific keyboard combination and quickly enable or disable protection of your computer.
WinLock is suitable for a wide range of computer security tasksStop other users of your computer from peeking into your personal files. Allow specific users to run a program while denying it to others.
WinLock is not a toyWinLock is used by large corporations and small businesses, schools and police departments, universities and libraries (to name a few).
WinLock is widely usedHundreds of thousands of copies of WinLock have been downloaded by computer users from virtually all countries of the world.
WinLock is extensibleYou can fine-tune the access rules by creating appropriate security profiles. From Windows 2000 to Windows 11, with all service packs and updates, all are supported by WinLock.
WinLock will save you hours of learning timeYou don't have to learn how to use the group policies, user groups, and privileges, because WinLock does the hard work for you.
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Much like its professional counterpart, WinLock offers an endless array of options for locking certain files, functions, and even Web access.

WinLock's interface will appeal to all user levels. It's easy to navigate. All of your protection options are listed under drop-down style menu buttons. The program includes options for hiding files and folders, disabling system features such as Windows' Registry Editor and Task Manager, and limiting access to executable files. You can also manage your Start menu, block specific hot-key combos, and even mouse functions. The entire program is password protected. Once we enabled it, we checked off on various restriction options. As soon as we clicked OK, the program immediately activated our restrictions.

An extensive Help menu is included with the program. With its well-designed user interface and solid performance, we highly recommend WinLock as an exceptional tool for managing computer access.
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Are your colleagues and relatives nosey and tend to sneak into your PC every time you go away for a cup of coffee? Are you worried that some malicious youths will destroy the system on a publicly available computer? Use WinLock to disable access to vital system features.

WinLock is a security tool that lets you disable various system features on your PC so that you only (or anyone else who knows the password) can access and enable them again. The program is capable of disabling hotkey combinations, access to Start Menu items, Control Panel, user-defined files and folders and more. This software also lets you schedule the computer to shut down in a period of time or at a certain time.

It runs on system startup and places itself in the tray. You can disable and enable the program with a couple of mouse clicks. Try this security tool today and block others from fooling around with your computer.
WinLock is a powerful security tool that allows you to take strict control over what other users can do on your PC.

If your kids are always messing around with your system settings, for instance, then in a few clicks you can prevent them from accessing the Registry Editor, Control Panel, Display Properties, or even My Computer. Only someone who knows the central password (that'll be you, hopefully) will be able to bypass the protection and use the blocked settings.

You can also customize Explorer, perhaps hiding the Folder Options menu, or disabling the right-click context menu. You're able to set up User Account Control to suit your needs (and be sure that it'll stay that way). While the Drives pane allows you to prevent specified drives from being displayed in Computer or Explorer, and can block access to removable drives altogether.

WinLock is also able to prevent access to particular files, folders, or applications. And, you can prevent users from viewing particular web sites.

If you're feeling really strict, then you can even limit the length of time that your PC can be running, so for example after a couple of hours it'll automatically close down. Or, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, then you can have WinLock record the changes that your users make in its log file, for review later.

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