Copernic Desktop Search
There are few desktop search solutions on the market that offer the depth, relevance and context that Copernics Desktop Search can provide.
USD 21.99
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Copernic Desktop Search

There are few desktop search solutions on the market that offer the depth, relevance and context that Copernics Desktop Search can provide.
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USD 21.99
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Copernic Desktop & Cloud Search
100% secure: No Malware, No Ads
Copernic Desktop Search is a software application designed to help users search and retrieve files on their computers quickly. It is a desktop search tool that indexes the contents of your computer's hard drive, allowing you to search for files, emails, documents, and other types of content with speed and efficiency.

Key features of Copernic Desktop Search include:
- Comprehensive Search: Copernic Desktop Search can index a wide range of file types, including documents, emails, images, videos, and more. This comprehensive indexing allows users to quickly locate files across different formats.
- Quick Search: The application provides a fast and responsive search experience, enabling users to find files in real-time as they type their search queries.
- Email Integration: It can integrate with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, allowing users to search through their email messages and attachments.
- Preview Pane: Users can often preview documents, images, and other file types directly within the search results, helping them determine the relevance of the file without opening it.
- Filtering and Sorting Options:
Copernic Desktop Search usually offers various filtering and sorting options to refine search results based on file type, date, and other criteria.
- Security: The application may provide options to ensure the security and privacy of indexed content, allowing users to control which folders and files are included in the search index.
- Customization: Users can often customize the indexing process, choose specific folders to include or exclude, and configure other settings according to their preferences.

Keep in mind that software products may undergo updates or changes over time, and there might be new versions or features added to Copernic Desktop Search since my last update.
• BrandCopernic Softwaee
• PlatformWindows 11, 10, 7
• Basic License- Adobe PDF files
- Office suite
- Microsoft Outlook / PST
- Windows Media
- Cloud
- Markdown
• Advanced License++
- E-Books
- Microsoft Outlook 365
- PDF Archive
- Thunderbird and Eudora
- Corel WordPerfect
• Elite License++
- IBM Notes
- Image Text Recognition (OCR)
- Microsoft Visio
- Adobe Photoshop files
- Adobe Illustrator files
- Autodesk AutoCAD
- Teams & Sharepoint
Easy to install and useNo IT experience required! Simply install our application and read our guides! With Copernic’s intuitive interface, you’ll be up-and-searching in no time flat.
Safeguard your informationCopernic does NOT collect any data. You can rest assured knowing all of your information is secure and cannot be access by any third party.
Leverage powerful indexing technologyThanks to Copernic’s advanced keyword map (index), unlock a wealth of information that is currently buried in your PC. We support over 170 file extensions and 11 languages!
Return policy
You are covered by the Money Back Guarantee if you receive software that is not as described in the listing.
After you have received the software, you can cancel the purchase within the specified period and see the return policy for more details..
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Malcolm K.
The search results are rapid, accurate and comprehensive. The search findings are presented in date order, and useful search options are offered. I could readily set up the specific USB flash drive which needed to be searched. I do need my entire hard drive to be searched. Reasonable cost. It also updates regularly and easily.
Henry F.
Very useful for searching large quantities of resumes in our case. Ways to search and organize results are nicely execited. Saving and updating search results work great. Once indexed, it is lightning fast. Quicker than opening the actual file.
Bruno M.
The search is fantastic and probably the best search engine I know. It goes through every single document to find all the words etc. It makes proper filing of downloaded files obsolete to a large extent because you can find anything on your computer with this search engine.
Beth M.
Searches in the background, by file type, with some control over what you do and do not wish to scan. Once everything is indexed, response times are fairly quick. Very good value for the price, especially if you don't need 100% accuracy with PDF files.

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