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UTILITIESFluent Reader 1.0.0
For those looking for an RSS reader, Fluent Reader for Linux seems to be the ideal choice. The interface is clean and clear and you can choose different ways to change the display of information on the page. ...
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Linux - Programming - Database
Weka 3.9.5
Weka for Linux contains the tools you need for data preprocessing, classification, regression, grouping, association and visualization rules. It is ...
Programming - Database
Valentina Studio 11.0
Valentina Studio for Linux is a free management tool that helps database developers work more efficiently. The software allows you to manage ...
Programming - Database
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DBeaver 7.3.5
DBeaver for Linux is a universal database manager and SQL client and allows the administration of several different databases in a single ...
Programming - Database
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Antares SQL Client 0.0.17
Antares is a free SQL client that will allow you to manage and manage databases or even run SQL queries. In particular, you will have an SQL editor ...
Programming - Database
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