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MULTIMEDIAYEd Graph Editor 3.20.1
YEd Graph Editor for Mac is a free software for making professional charts, diagrams and organization charts. yEd Graph Editor for Mac has several powerful features so that it is able to sort and organize large ...
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Cryptomator 1.5.12
Cryptomator for Linux is a free software and offers client-side encryption, for the cloud, the software is specially designed to encrypt files stored ...
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Cozy Drive 3.25.0
Cozy Drive for Linux is a synchronization and manager application for folders and files stored in the cloud. This software allows you to centralize ...
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Bitwarden 1.24.6
The computer attacks and applications you use are attacked every day, and security breaches occur and your passwords are stolen. When you reuse the ...
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PenguinProxy 0.3.1
Securely browsing your connection while navigating the web is more than just a commodity nowadays. In addition to protecting your privacy, it allows ...
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