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games for windowsAUI
Help the cute Aui master his rock-solid and liquid-lava forms in order to save a water spirit trapped in a pond and help her ...
Nov 30.2018
games for windowsIzels Observatory
You are Izel, and your passion is studying the stars.
Nov 29.2018
games for windows games for mac games for linuxHeatwave
The year was 1899, and it seemed that the wild west was coming to an end. But when Spicetown Industries discovered the animating ...
Nov 28.2018
games for windowsDave
Dave is a platform-puzzle game with beautiful graphics and funny story the end of which depends on your actions.
Nov 28.2018
games for windows games for macProject Javatale
Player are tasked to defeat a hidden evil while uncovering the truth hidden by the gods.
Nov 26.2018
games for windowsHumanity Is Dead
Humanity Is Dead is set in a distant future!
Nov 26.2018
games for windowsLittleshop
You are the proud owner of the only pawn shop in a hundred miles in the middle of this wasteland, currently besieged by an army ...
Nov 13.2018
games for windowsLost Light
Lost Light is 2D Puzzle game where you play as a Shrine Maiden who has been tasked with guiding lost spirits to the top of the ...
Nov 13.2018
games for windowsArque Skies
Joan Candle is a retired sky captain, who has just lost her beloved corgi to a mysterious dog napping.
Nov 12.2018
games for windowsMazoid
In Mazoid, plan your way through psychedelic, colorful mazes and race to the end!
Nov 06.2018
games for windowsWeapons Simulator - Pistols and SMGs
A Realistic Simulation with Advanced Ballistics Dynamics.
Nov 04.2018
games for windowsGuile and Glory: Firstborn
Guile and Glory. A legion of nightmarish immortals sweeps across the land, slaughtering all who would oppose them.
Nov 02.2018
games for windowsLonely Bullet
Rhea, the miraculously impulsive space-ace, sets off on a dangerous journey through the universes most fiesty galaxy in order to ...
Nov 02.2018
games for windowsVoxel Tycoon: Railroad to Hell 3
Voxel Tycoon team proudly presents - first ever in history - an official release of the spin-off to an unreleased game. Defend ...
Nov 01.2018
games for windowsNeon Tail
Neon Tail is an open world roller skating game where you follow a young girls adventures.
Oct 31.2018
games for windowsFoxlight Journey
Foxlight Journey is a retro inspired 2D platformer where you go on a quest to rescue your woodland buddies who were captured and ...
Oct 30.2018
games for windowsCreo God Simulator
Creo God Simulator is a game of building, decision-making, survival, and a ton of peasant smiting.
Oct 24.2018
games for windowsHeli-Rescue
Take off with your rescue helicopter, be the hero chopper pilot, and save the life of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield.
Oct 24.2018
games for windowsRumours From Elsewhere
A fantasy action 3D sidescroller game incorporating platforming and rogue-lite elements.
Oct 22.2018
games for windowsCrackshot
Get ready to improve that you are the worlds best hunter.
Oct 22.2018
games for windows games for macDungeon Arcade
Set in an ancient ruin dungeon, where four crypt theives battle wits against each other to try and gain the Idol of Epacse.
Oct 22.2018