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games for windowsLevelhead
Run, skip and make power through tons of levels in the manual campaign, then build and publish levels to play the world!
Jun 26.2019
rating star
games for windows games for macContinuum
Continuum is a lightweight and simple game where you move around in different directions.
Mar 06.2019
rating star
games for windows games for macNightmare Drive
Ightmare Drive is a top down survival, driving game where you must outlast your deadly ghost drivers on a cursed race track.
Feb 26.2019
games for windows games for macROMPE
Rompe is a platformer game were everything you touch breaks! it is a super cute and super hard adventure.
Feb 14.2019
rating star
games for windows20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds
In 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds, you are the captain of an airship and its crew, on a steampunk voyage across the seven skies.
Jan 26.2019
games for windows games for mac games for linuxHeatwave
The year was 1899, and it seemed that the wild west was coming to an end. But when Spicetown Industries discovered the animating ...
Nov 28.2018
games for windowsMazoid
In Mazoid, plan your way through psychedelic, colorful mazes and race to the end!
Nov 06.2018
games for windowsUnspoken Chronicles : Nora
In the Viking tribes, the legends tell that the brave warriors who fall on the battlefield earn a place in Valhalla.
Oct 12.2018
rating star
games for windowsBurst Drive
Take control of an experimental engine, the Burst Drive and shoot your way through the alien invasion that is threatening ...
Sep 24.2018
games for windowsAlset
You play as Alset, an armless engineer and inventor who has had her blueprints stolen. On your way to retrieve them you encounter ...
Sep 18.2018
games for windows games for linuxVect
Vect is a simple puzzler with the goal of getting coloured cubes sitting on top of their matching tiles. In Vect, your movements ...
Sep 06.2018
games for windows games for mac games for linuxMole
Mole is a fun game for anyone to enjoy. It is based on the classic whack-a-mole game style so it is very intuitive and easy to ...
Sep 04.2018
games for windowsHexagrab
This is Hexagrab. Match colors and collect as much as you can before you get obliterated by a swarm of tiny cubes. * Collect ...
Aug 07.2018
games for windowsDilan
Dilan is a 2.5D Platformer game. You play as Dilan, a curios armadillo with a magnetic shell. Its your duty to collect the ...
Aug 06.2018
games for windows games for macEntangled
You are an artificial intelligence awaking in an alternate world. It is filled with puzzles that challenge your understanding of ...
Jul 27.2018
games for windows games for mac games for linuxCybrus
Cybrus is a hardcore roguelike shooter with a beautiful neon-arcade aesthetic, anything is possible in this world where Sci-Fi ...
Jul 24.2018
games for windowsHexsequence
Its a mixture of puzzle and action in 2D. Rotate the cluster of tiles to get the incoming balls to change each tile in the ...
Jul 14.2018
rating star
games for windows games for mac games for linuxAlluvium
After his plane crashed off a remote stretch of Papuan coast, civil engineer Ian Baltonac is left stranded, alone. He must ...
May 23.2018
games for windows games for mac games for linuxGood Doggo
Teach your good doggo to be the goodest doggo ever! Balance treats, toss them, and chomp them! The more you chomp the more you ...
May 02.2018
games for windows games for mac games for linuxA Missing Moon
The game follows Isolde, a young girl who realises that the moon has gone missing. It is now up to you as the player to figure ...
Apr 13.2018
games for windowsKulkis
Kulkis were a tribe of simple beings - capable of interacting with their environment using just the power of mind their needs ...
Apr 13.2018
games for windowsBreakFest
Mayday Mayday Mayday! This is Waltynn Steav, I am going down! In Space! Play as Waltynn, a waffle from the planet Hekta who ...
Mar 20.2018
games for windowsLeafy Moon
In a strange planet, known as the leafy moon world, weird and dangerous things begin to happen... Creatures never seen before ...
Feb 21.2018
games for windows games for macGrotto
Grotto is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer about delving deep into an ancient cave and searching for lost riches. Use the ...
Feb 06.2018
games for windows games for macProject Baiten
Play as a shopkeeper on a ship. Stock items on display for the customers to grab. When they are ready to purchase, go to the ...
Jan 20.2018
games for windows games for linuxSweets Robots
The robots have risen. You only have sweets with you for your survival. Throw the sweets at the robots before they get ...
Jan 15.2018
games for windowsInk Inc.
Ink Inc. takes place in a world where ink flows freely--a natural resource needed for all living things, and the source of color ...
Dec 05.2017