Rapid PHP editor
Rapid PHP is a fast and powerful PHP code editor for Windows
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Rapid PHP editor

Rapid PHP is a fast and powerful PHP code editor for Windows
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USD 49.95
16% OFF
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Personal - 1 PC / LifetimeProfessional - 1 PC / LifetimeTeam - 1 PC / Lifetime
For personal, non-commercial use by students and home users.
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A lightweight PHP editor or PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software tool designed specifically for PHP web development. Unlike heavier IDEs that may have extensive features and functionalities, lightweight PHP editors are usually simpler, faster, and consume fewer system resources. They are well-suited for developers who prefer a more minimalist environment or have lower hardware specifications.

Some characteristics of lightweight PHP editors and IDEs include:
- Speed and Responsiveness: Lightweight editors are generally faster to load and operate compared to more feature-rich IDEs. This can be beneficial for developers working on smaller projects or with limited system resources.
- Simplicity: They often have a clean and straightforward user interface with essential features for PHP development, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, and basic code completion.
- Customization: While they may not have as many features out of the box, some lightweight editors allow users to customize and extend functionality through plugins or additional tools.
- Resource Efficiency: Lightweight editors are designed to be resource-efficient, making them suitable for developers working on less powerful machines or those who prioritize performance.

It's important to note that preferences for editors and IDEs can vary among developers, and the choice often depends on personal workflow and project requirements. Additionally, the landscape of available tools may change over time, so it's a good idea to check for the latest options and features.
• BrandBlumentals
• PlatformWindows 11, 10, 7
• License1. Personal :: For personal, non-commercial use by students and home users.
2. Professional :: For general use by professional developers, companies and government organizations.
3. Team License :: Best for small and dynamic developer teams. Covers up to 4 users.
Advanced search and replaceGoto anything, quick search, detailed search, file search, regular expressions, detailed results and more
Debugger & validatorxDebug PHP debugger, realtime PHP checker, spelling checker, W3 HTML and CSS validator, JSLint JavaScript checker
Direct FTP/SFTP/FTPSEdit directly on your web server or publish local development copy updates with a single click
HTML5 and CSS3 readyCoding features are up-to-date with modern standards
Powerful editorUnicode support, bracket-matching, code folding, auto-complete, auto-replace, multi-highlight and more
Code intelligenceTons of intelligent code completion, navigation and suggestion features for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Smarty
Powerful syntax highlightingSupports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Smarty, XML, SQL, Apache and more
The fastest PHP editor / IDELoads much faster than any other PHP editor or PHP IDE with similar features
Return policy
You are covered by the Money Back Guarantee if you receive software that is not as described in the listing.
After you have received the software, you can cancel the purchase within the specified period and see the return policy for more details..
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James Racine, iVenture Assets Ltd.
If you're on the fence - GET IT. It's totally worth the money, it's updated regularly and it's arguably the best PHP editor I've come across in my searching and trying many other programs.
Steve Faleiro, CTO, Marketing Emailer
We use the Rapid PHP editor for all our web development work. It really helps us to accomplish more, thereby completing more projects on time, and in the end, keeping our customers happy.
Becky Perry, Designs by CM
I have been hand-coding for 30+ years and I just want to say how I appreciate the way your software operates.
Murray Chapman, Web Developer
This is really setting a new standard in PHP development. Your programs work at my pace and I never have problems with them.

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