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WhatsApp will continue to update its privacy policy

Feb 20.2021Software written by Anca Hutu
Facebooks WhatsApp messaging service said it would continue a controversial update to its privacy policy, but would allow users to read the terms and conditions and display a banner with additional information, Reuters reported.

The clarification comes after WhatsApp informed its users in January that it is preparing a new privacy policy through which it will be able to share user data with Facebook and others in the group, which created outrage globally and caused some users to reorient to applications such as Telegram or Signal.

As a result, WhatsApp has returned, announcing that it will postpone the launch of the new policy for May, insisting that the update allows communication with the business environment and does not affect personal conversations.

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In a blog post, WhatsApp stated that it will remind users to read and accept the new conditions, in order to continue using the platform.

We have also included more information to try to address the concerns that have been made known to us, the blog said.

The WhatsApp announcement comes in the context of Facebook deciding to block news content on its Australian platform in response to an Australian government bill forcing companies like Facebook and Google to pay press publishers to use their content.

Source: The company is trying to contain fallout over a privacy policy update
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