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The following Samsung remotes will run on solar power

Jan 08.2021Technology written by Iulian Dinita
Samsung will supply solar-powered remote controls along with its 2021 TVs.

Samsung has obviously announced technological innovations, such as the arrival of micro-LED TVs on the market, but the manufacturer wanted to highlight its efforts in environmental protection. An important step in environmental protection refers to the remote control, an essential accessory for all TVs. In 2021, part of the TV range will have solar-powered remote controls without traditional AAA batteries.

The following Samsung remotes will run on solar power - screenshot 01

Specifically, the general appearance of the Samsung remote control does not change, but with the difference that on the back a small solar panel allows you to recharge it. Samsung says there is enough natural light in a room to keep the accessory running smoothly, but it also adds a USB port in case it needs recharging. Given the increasing power consumption of remote controls, which have microphones and work with Bluetooth, it is not an easy task to make them functional only with solar energy.

According to the Korean manufacturer, this simple change for remote controls would save 99 million AAA batteries in the next seven years.

The following Samsung remotes will run on solar power - screenshot 02

The remote control is not the only aspect on which Samsung has highlighted its efforts to protect the environment, even the packaging, especially the huge boxes that allow the transport of TVs will be able to be reused.

On the one hand, by reducing the prints made with oil-based ink on packaging, but also by the possibility of reusing them. Samsung will offer practical sketches to turn the packaging into a decorative object, a small piece of cardboard furniture or a childrens game.

Source: Samsung TV remotes are solar-powered for 2021
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