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TCL OD Zero announces the second generation 4K mini-LED TV

Jan 12.2021Technology written by Ionut Tutica
The new 4K TCL TV is based on the manufacturers experience with mini-LEDs, a technology he has been working on for several years.

While LG and Samsung are newcomers to the field of mini-LEDs, TCL has in its portfolio several models already marketed, mainly in the United States. Based on this experience, the Chinese manufacturer has announced its C825, a QLED 4K 120 Hz TV with second-generation mini-LED lighting.

Mini-LEDs better than other types of TVs?
The C825 is the first TV in this OD Zero Mini-LED range, but for now, the Chinese manufacturer is quite stingy in its details. TCL does not mention, for example, the number of mini-LEDs integrated in its panel.
On the other hand, TCL insists on its experience in lighting technology. This second generation of mini-LEDs would be made up of much smaller diodes, which would simply allow many more to be mounted on a panel.

TCL OD Zero announces the second generation 4K mini-LED TV - screenshot 01

Above all, the manufacturer explains that the space between the QLED panel and its mini-LED filter would be reduced to 0 mm (hence the OD Zero) and classic models require a space between 10 and 25 mm.
Gluing these two panels without leaving space between them has two consequences. On the one hand, the possibility of making a thinner TV and on the other hand, the fact of controlling the brightness distribution by reducing the possibilities of light loss.

If the hardware is full of new features, the C825, like all TCL TVs in 2021, will also have a major software argument. Like Sony, the Chinese manufacturer is one of the first to switch to the Google TV interface (formerly Android TV), offering a new navigation, but above all a series of recommendations.

Therefore, this new OD Zero range looks very promising from a technical point of view. Especially since, unlike the X10, the C825 should also be available in Europe. In fact, last year TCL almost doubled its sales on the Old Continent and made this market one of its priorities in 2021.

Finally, so far TCL has struggled to offer low prices. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this OZ Zero range will be positioned compared to NEO QLED, from Samsung and QNED, from LG.

Source: CES 2021: TCL unveils OD Zero Mini LED display and a bunch of TVs
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